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The Garden Bungalows are part of a 10-unit complex, surrounded by the hotel's exotic garden. The bungalows are furnished and fully-equipped for guests who would like to enjoy traditional Huahine hospitality in a private and secluded environment.

On our property you will find beautiful tropical fruit trees, including coconut, banana, mango and papaya. The Bungalows are all located at approximately 100 meters from the beach. For the comfort and ease of all of our clients, three of the Bungalows are wheelchair accessible.

All of our facilities include a color television, a mini-fridge, coffee/tea making equipment, and kitchenette facilities. The Garden Studio Bungalows are approximately 30 square meters, consisting of a bedroom and sitting room area, some are partially divided by a wooden partition.

Families with two children can easily be accommodated as the sofa can be made into a double bed.

We wash your laundry bag for 1 500 XPF.

WIFI 1 hour 5 hours 10 hours 50 hours 100 hours
Prices 0 XPF2 000 XPF4 000 XPF12 500 XPF20 000 XPF
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Room Amenities

  • Air Conditioning Cooling air conditioning
  • Beverages Opt for in-room coffee or tea
  • Shower with hot water Solar powered hot water
  • Terrace With chairs and coffee table
  • TV Color TV
  • WiFi Internet connection
  • Eqipped kitchen Fridge included
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