Tahitians love to eat. So when visiting French Polynesia, expect to eat often and well. At Tehina the portions are generous and based on the freshest local products.

Fresh fish and tropical fruits are featured in many dishes. Favorites include “Poisson Cru”, a salad of fresh fish and crunchy vegetables marinated in lime juice and fresh coconut milk.

Also popular is the catch of the day (usually white Tuna or Mahi Mahi), grilled lagoon fish and “Uru” breadfruit french fries.

Not to mention homemade tropical fruit jam and delicious Tahitian vanilla coffee for breakfast.

In the evening you will enjoy a cold “Hinano” local beer or fruity rum cocktail.

You will find a full menu below :


Scrambled eggs1 200 XPF
Ham omelette1 650 XPF
Eggs over-easy1 550 XPF
Tahitian breakfast (with grilled and raw fish)1 850 XPF
Bacon for an additional charge650 XPF


Ham et cheese750 XPF
Beef et salad850 XPF
Ham, Cheese et french fries950 XPF
Omelette650 XPF
Omelette et french fries850 XPF
Sandwich450 XPF
Sandwich et french fries650 XPF
Hamburger1 100 XPF
Hamburger et french fries1 100 XPF


Ocean salad1 850 XPF
Tuna tartare1 050 XPF
Beef carpaccio with green pepper1 050 XPF

Main dishes

Breaded fish with ginger in sweet and sour sauce2 100 XPF
Sea food cassolette with lemongrass and coconut milk2 100 XPF
Fried beef with honey and black pepper2 260 XPF
Grilled lamb chops with herbs2 430 XPF
Tuna tartare1 650 XPF
Beef carpaccio with green pepper1 650 XPF
All our main dishes are served with a choice of french fries, rice or green beans.


Sashimi (can be served as starter or a main dish)1 750 XPF
Salad of fresh fish and coconut milk1 600 XPF
Tuna carpaccio with ginger2 000 XPF
Tuna tartare1 850 XPF
Beef carpaccio with green pepper2 250 XPF
Shrimp with curry sauce1 650 XPF
Grilled fish with vanilla sauce2 200 XPF
Grilled rib steak with french fries and a choice of sauce (roquefort, green pepper or garlic herb butter)2 550 XPF
Fried chicken with vegetables1 900 XPF
Grilled andouillette (chitterlings sausages)1 720 XPF
Grilled local lobster5 500 XPF


Local fruit crumble with vanilla ice cream1 200 XPF
Baked papaya with coconut milk and vanilla ice cream1 200 XPF
Homemade brownie with coconut ice cream and whipped cream1 200 XPF

Set menus

Iaora (starter and main dish)2 750 XPF
Manava (main dish and dessert)2 300 XPF
Fare Maeva (starter, main dish and dessert)3 100 XPF
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